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Last Updated: 17th June, 2017
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best portable air conditioners 2017

We know Split A/C and Window A/C frameworks. While they are famous and productive, they do have some draw backs. Below is a snappy correlation of customary Air moulding (Window/Split) versus compact aerating and cooling units.

Window/Split AC
Advantages Disadvantages
1. More powerful and can give you the whiff of coldness after a long day at work. 1. Can't be moved. Needs one for each room least for little families , who spend a few hours in the lounge and couple of additional in bed room, two AC implies twofold the cost, without full use.
2. More models and options available. With the advent of new technology, there are numerous types of such ACs made available to us by vendors. 2. Needs installation effort
Not convenient in rented houses or those who need to keep moving cities frequently. Additionally, they need the involvement of walls or window which is often not permitted in rented households.
Portable AC
Advantages Disadvantages
1. Movable units- easy to change direction or move around based on requirement and convenience. 1. Can't cool medium/huge rooms. portable A/Cs are proficient just in little rooms-around 10ft by 10ft.
2. No installation cost. 2. Not really convenient. They have a major hot air pipe that should be associated with the window
3. Serves the purpose of cooling to some extent. 3. No Resale value
4. Significant Consumer products brands like LG, Samsung and so forth are not offering compact AC. Just couple of lesser known brands. this leaves us with less choices to pick from.
5. Star evaluations not accessible as in customary ones. power utilization could be higher

Moving forth after the evaluation, we bring to you the India’s best portable air conditioners for the year 2017 along with their highlights and a lot more.

1. Lloyd Portable Air Conditioner (1 Ton, White)

Lloyd Portable Air Conditioner (1 Ton, White)

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Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner is a highly efficient and it incorporates advanced features that gives you maximum cooling.

When compared to the conventional portable air conditioner, the new Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T makes very less noise and also results in less power consumption. With the capacity of 1 ton, this air conditioner comes with 12000 BTU/H, which makes it suitable to be used for the room with approximately 400 sq. ft.

The highly efficient Rotary Compressor and R22 Refrigerant help this portable AC by Llyod in giving optimum cooling performance. With No Bucket Design, the advanced Llyod's LP12T consists of various user-friendly features like Auto-Swing, Sleep Mode, Auto Restart etc.

Furthermore, with the 2.6 EER Rating and the 1200 Watts of the Rated Power Input, this air conditioner is not only cost efficient but it also saves the power significantly.

It comes with 1.1 L/H Moisture Removal, which helps the AC in giving maximum cooling performance even in humid climate conditions. This portable air conditioner by Llyod comes along with 1 year Llyod India warranty. Portable Air Conditioner Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner is comparatively a smaller unit and thus it is very cost effective. It can be easily moved from one place to another.

Moreover, you can conveniently install this portable air conditioner without any hassles - no screws or any other fixing material required. You don't have to even call a professional. Just find a way out for the exhaust hose and that's it.

Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T is also energy efficient and is best suited if you leave in a rented house. Follow Me Function Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner incorporates the advanced Follow Me Function that makes your AC highly energy efficient. The remote control, which comes with this portable AC, consists of a temperature sensor that is meant to automatically sense your presence and adjust the cooling accordingly.

You just need to keep the remote around and the air conditioner changes the operation mode in order to give you maximum comfort. Auto-Swing The Auto-Swing feature in Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner helps in its optimum performance. It results in uniform distribution of the air inside the room.

The Auto-Swing generates two-directional air flow and helps the air in reaching to every corner of the room. Self-Evaporative System With Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner, now you don't have to empty the water tank. In simple words, this portable air conditioner consists of the Self-Evaporative System that successfully eliminates the moisture content into the hot air exhaust system. The water condensation is recycled, which in turn cools the cooling coils. Thereafter, the water evaporates along with the exhaust air.

Therefore, the Self-Evaporative System reduces the level of humidity and helps the air conditioner in giving an efficient performance. Self-Diagnosis & Auto Protect Function Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner has been designed with the Self-Diagnosis and Auto Protect Function, which keeps the air conditioner functional for long years.

In case of any error in the operation of this portable AC, the Self-Diagnosis identifies the error and helps you in fixing the same. This feature keeps the air conditioner Auto Protected and results in reduced maintenance. Semi Hidden Castors Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner has been also designed with the Semi Hidden Castors that helps in its convenient use. With these castors, you can move this portable AC by Llyod from one corner of the house to the other, without any hassles.

The castors are made up of high grade plastic that is non-breakable and durable. Reduced Noise Level The conventional portable air conditioners have always been criticized for its high noise level. But Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner results in highly reduced noise level.

It comes with only 54 dB of the noise level, which means that you can now have sound sleep with no disturbance at all. One Year Llyod India Warranty Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner can be now instantly ordered online at the India's largest online marketplace - Snapdeal. It provides you this portable air conditioner by Llyod at its best price available online. Adding more, Snapdeal also offers 1 year Llyod India warranty on this air conditioner and another 5 years Llyod India warranty on its highly efficient compressor.

The warranty ensures complete protection of your portable AC against any sort of defect in its manufacturing. If you ever find one such problem, you can visit to your nearest service centre authorised by Llyod. The company will repair or replace the air-conditioner or its parts free of cost, if it is within the warranty period.

About Llyod- Llyod Group is a $500 million company, which is well known for its more than 60 years of business excellence. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Llyod is an engineered group that deals in diversified portfolios like Air Conditioning, Heating, Consumer Durables, Ventilation, Defence Equipment, Refrigeration etc. The company is also involved in structural steel building, scaffolding, sheet metal fabrication and other power and infrastructural projects in various countries. Consisting of more than 5000 employees, Llyod Group is promoted by Brij Raj Punj.

The portable LLOYD LP12C 1 Ton Air Conditioner comes equipped with a powerful rotary compressor for an efficient cooling performance. The air conditioner boasts of various convenience features such as 24 hour On/ Off timer, 3 fan speed and dehumidification. It has 2.75 EER and 1270 Watts of power consumption.

★ Capacity

LLOYD LP12C 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner has 3500 Watts of cooling capacity which can effectively cool a small to medium size room.

★ Design

Flaunting a slim and stylish design, LLOYD LP12C 1 Ton Portable AC can be positioned in any corner of your room. It is equipped with multi-directional castor wheels so you can shift it from one place to another with ease. Keeping this in mind, we have positioned it among India’s best portable air conditioners for the year 2017.

★ Controls

This Air Conditioner has electronic operation control.

★ Speed of Cooling

LLOYD LP12C 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner delivers quick and efficient cooling. It offers a 3 fan speed option from which you can choose the appropriate one as per your preference.

★ Sleep Mode and Timer

LLOYD LP12C 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner has a 2 hour timer feature which enables you to set a specific time of cooling operation as per your need. This feature not only provides you full convenience but also reduces the power consumption.

★ Noise Level

LLOYD LP12C 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner has 53 dB indoor noise level.

★ Technology

LLOYD LP12C 1 Ton Portable AC is equipped with Self-Evaporating Technology. During the cooling operation, the technology recycles the water condensation to bring down the temperature of the cooling coils then evaporates the water out with the help of exhaust air. This results in enhanced cooling performance and high energy efficiency.

★ Any Other Specs

Other additional features of LLOYD LP12C 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner include dehumidification, touch screen, remote control operation, etc.

★ Other Important Features

The power consumption of the cooler is 190 W. It measures 65 cm in length, 38 cm in width and 124.5 cm in height, and its fan blade size is 40.6 cm. It comes with an automatic water level indicator that gives indication when the water level is low. Moreover, it is compatible with inverters, so you do not have to compromise on cooling when there is a power cut.


Amazon’s Customer Ratings: ★★★★☆ 3.2 stars (23 Customer Reviews)

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  • Powerful air cooler
  • Good water capacity (70 Liters)
  • Rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
  • Water level indicator
  • Easy to move from place to place


  • Deafening fan sound is annoying

Warranty Period: 1 Year on product; 4 years on compressor

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2. Paradis Mobile Portable Air Conditioner

Enjoy a pleasant ambience at home this summer with this portable air conditioner from the house of Paradis. One of the best aspects about Paradis 1.5TR is portability which allows you to use it in any room as per your convenience.

★ AC Type

The Paradis 1.5TR is a portable variant which gives you the convenience and freedom to move it from one room to another as per the requirement. The maintenance of this AC too is easy unlike other ACs as it can easily be transported from one room to another. This variant of air conditioner also saves you all the trouble of having to cut holes on the wall or investing hours in setting it up.

★ Compressor Type

This air conditioner from the house of Paradis features a rotary compressor that results in instant cooling without much power consumption. This air conditioner has a tonnage of 1.5 and goes well with the rotary compressor. It immensely helps in saving your money when it comes to paying electricity bills.

★ Power Consumption

The Paradis 1.5TR has a power requirement of 220 to 240 volts which is convenient as it is the normal supply at home. It also has a cooling operating current of 5.3 along with a power consumption of 0.99 with energy save upto 0.3.

★ Hassle Free Operation

This AC offers hassle free operation as it features various functions that make it easy and convenient for you. It has an LCD front panel display which helps you to control the machine and also keep a track of the temperature in the room. It also comes in handy while setting timers and changing modes. This ac from Paradis also comes with an auto restart function which helps you to set a timer for the ac to come back on when needed.

★ Auto Swing and Louver Movement

The Paradis 1.5TR has 4-way air flow system that provides an equal distribution of air throughout the room making it evenly cool in all areas. The 4 way includes all four directions, i.e up, down, left and right ensuring that all corners of your room are covered. The movement and distribution of air can be controlled using a remote which is provided with this AC.

★ Dust Filter

This air conditioner comes with anti-bacteria and anti-dust filter which ensure that the air emitted is clean, healthy and free of germs. Not only does this product provide you with a refreshing feel but also enhances your air quality within the room. Using this air conditioner will improve your respiratory system and will keep you fit.

★ Low Noise Level

This product has a low noise level of 50 decibels which is a decent sound level. This low noise level enables you to have a sound sleep at night without getting disturbed.

★ Dimension and Weight

The Paradis 1.5TR measures 905 x 595 x 380 cm in dimension, which makes it convenient to place in any room without taking up too much space. It has an indoor unit weight of 38.4 kg that allows you to conveniently move it around with the help of the wheels situated at the bottom.

★ One Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Paradis 1.5TR comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty along with 3 years warranty on the compressor to ensure that you get the best of services even after purchase.


Amazon’s Customer Ratings: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars (2 Customer Reviews)

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  • Not portable in the true sense as the exhaust hose pipe responsible for letting out the hot air needs to be directed out of the window. Hence, it needs to be placed near the window
  • Cooling is effective only for relatively small rooms.
  • Leakage issues may be confronted in some cases.
  • Plastic parts are of poor quality.
  • In most cases, the cooling effect is so poor that compressor will not switch off at all. Hence high electricity bill is guaranteed to give you a heart attack.
  • The plastic fillers given to block the window opening is of inferior quality. They do not lock well and there are too many small parts to keep a stock and track of.
  • On power failure and resumption, the AC will not restart automatically. No settings encoded in the memory including swing. So be ready to be awake at night if you plan on using this in bed room and expect electricity failures
  • No display of room temperature
  • Economy mode is impractical and inadequate. The setting is at 25C but the AC cooling goes nowhere to that figure. Hence Economy mode will not cut-off the compressor resulting to a high electricity bill
  • Flexible hose fittings are of bad quality. It keeps coming out of end locking / coupling rings very easily

Warranty Period: 1 Year (Manufacturer) Warranty + 2 years for Compressor

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3. Royal Sovereign ARP- 9411 Portable Air Conditioner

Royal Sovereign ARP- 9411 Portable Air Conditioner

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These rough and tough Portable Air Conditioners can be utilized to Cool a room, to circulate air in Fan Mode, and as a Dehumidifier to expel humidity from the air without purging a pail. This design provides quick and efficient cooling with a unique Self-evaporating system. Worked in EZ-Glide casters and simple set-up permits this Portable Air Conditioner to be moved effortlessly from space to-room and vice- versa.

★ Cooling

★ Design

★ Features

The Royal Sovereign ARP-9411 3-in-1 air comfort framework has a powerful, fully featured execution into a chic white and dark design. This 11,000 BTU portable air conditioner includes a fan mode to course air and a dehumidifier that will evacuate up to 45.6 pt. every day.

You'll never need to purge a container since this unit has propelled self-dissipating innovation. The computerized show incorporates a completely customisable indoor regulator, 24-hour clock, and variable speed fan controls. Unit has worked in EZ-glide casters and simple set-up.

Apart from the features it encompasses, Royal Sovereign ARP-9411 3- in -1 portable Air Conditioner also boasts an enchanting design that makes you want to introduce it to your family. As we have promised to update you with all of India’s best portable air conditioners for the year 2017, here we are keeping our word!


Amazon’s Customer Ratings: Not rated yet (0 Customer Reviews)

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  • Not portable in the true sense as the exhaust hose pipe responsible for letting out the hot air needs to be directed out of the window. Hence, it needs to be placed near the window.
  • Cooling is effective only for relatively small rooms.
  • Leakage issues may be confronted in some cases.
  • Flexible hose fittings are of bad quality. It keeps coming out of end locking / coupling rings very easily
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4. AMFAH 1 Ton Air Conditioner, Off- white [ 12000 BTU with R- 410A Refrigerant]

AMFAH 1 Ton Air Conditioner

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AMFAH INDIA is a Group Company of AMFAH GENERAL LLC Dubai and was constituted in 2008 having base workplaces at Mumbai, New Delhi. The Company could build up all india deals and administrative arrangements by selecting channel and exchange accomplices.

The organization is known for presenting scope of selective classification of items in Indian market like household/business De-humidifiers, Air Purifiers and Portable Air Conditioners.

With "global warming - an average increase in the atmospheric temperature" influencing the world including India, AMFAH INDIA is the primary mover in distinguishing the issues identified with rapidly intensifying stickiness/dampness and air contamination issues.

Issues like dampness, fungus, mold, mildew, musty odor, malfunctioning of electronics equipment, asthma & respiratory issues can be tended to significantly with AMFAH Dehumidifiers, AMFAH Air Purifiers.

AMFAH Dehumidifier offers a wide range and is by and large broadly utilized as a part of Health Care Facilities/Hospitals and Clinics/Testing Laboratory/Hotels and Restaurants/Art Galleries and Boutiques/Printing Industries/Equipment and Console Room/Library and Archives/Food Industry/Packing Industry/Pharmaceutical Industry/Data and Server Rooms/Warehouse and Storage Facilities.

The items showcased by AMFAH INDIA are all imported with best quality conformations and full after purchase service back-ups.

Some of their regarded customers are Reliance Industries, ICICI Bank, Aditya Birla, Wipro, Four Seasons Hotel, Jubilant Foodworks Limited (Dunkin Donuts/Domino's Pizza), Novartis, Cognizant, AIIMS Hospital Delhi, Emirates Airways, TATA Communication, Hyundai Motors, Mahindra Rise, ASUS, Siemens, Parle Agro, Yes Bank, RBS Bank, US Consulate and many more


Amazon’s Customer Ratings: ★★★☆☆ 1.5 stars (4 Customer Reviews)

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  • Not portable in the true sense as the exhaust hose pipe responsible for letting out the hot air needs to be directed out of the window. Hence, it needs to be placed near the window.
  • Cooling is effective only for relatively small rooms.
  • Leakage issues may be confronted in some cases.
  • Manual provided with the product is not descriptive enough.
  • Customer service is very poor.
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